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Application Information

The Graduate Studies department of the Master’s University welcomes applications from prospective students who are able to present strong academic records and a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. In selecting students, the Graduate Admissions Committee admits those for whom graduation is a reasonable expectation and who offer potential to contribute positively to the graduate studies community.

Steps to Apply

To be considered for admission into the graduate studies program, you can Apply here!

The application will ask a variety of questions regarding personal, contact, family, education history, employment history, and church related information. Also included in the application will be several short answer questions about some key theological positions as well as your involvement with your local church and your reason to pursue Graduate Studies with us. You will also be prompted to provide us a brief description of your personal testimony and a 10-15 page writing sample of previous academic work, demonstrating graduate study proficiency (instructions will be included in that section of the application). There is no assigned topic for this writing sample - you are free to submit a paper you have already written for another class or program. However, be advised that in reviewing this writing sample, the MABC Admissions Committee will look not only for content, but also for acceptable formatting, syntax, grammar, and citation. Also, you will be able to provide the names and email addresses of three different references - Pastor or Elder, Educator, Personal (these cannot be relatives). Once you provide the name and the email address of the reference in the application, the system will automatically send the reference the appropriate electronic form and your reference can fill out that form without having to confer with you. If the reference delays in filling out the form, there will be an option to change the reference when you sign-in again to the application, if necessary. Finally, when you submit the application, you will be prompted to pay the application fee ($50) through our electronic portal (PayPal). If you cannot complete the payment using our electronic portal, please contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator at or 661-362-2652 for other methods of payment. You will always be able to save your application and return to it later to finish at another time.

After the application has been submitted, the system will automatically assemble all previous schools you provided in the application and create a list of official transcripts that you will need to mail to our Graduate Studies Office. If your school uses a secure electronic system to email official transcripts, you may do this as well. But please be advised that these transcripts must be official (meaning that they cannot be copies of your transcripts, and they come directly from your school and have not been open by you or anyone else). Of most importance, students applying for graduate studies must have a bachelor’s degree from a school that meets the accreditation standards of the Higher Learning Commission in the United States, with few exceptions. If you are unsure about the accreditation of your school or have any problems sending us a transcript, please contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator at or 661-362-2652. For mailed transcripts, please have your school send them to this address:


Office of Graduate Admissions Box #50

21726 Placerita Canyon Road

Santa Clarita, CA 91321


Please make sure to remind your school that the “Box #50” must be included in the address. Some schools have our basic address in their system without the “Box #50.” They may need prompting to include this number. If it is not included, the transcript will arrive in another department on our campus, and it may take some time to track it down. Thank you in advance!

Only for students in which English is not their first language, you will need to complete and score a minimum of 100 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Please visit their website here and search for “Master’s College” or “Master’s University” in Santa Clarita as the school where you would like your exam scores sent.

When all of the application items have been completed and sent to us (online application, recommendations, official transcripts, TOEFL), then your application will be ready for review by the Admissions Committee in the Graduate Studies Office. **Assuming the Admissions Committee grants you acceptance, you will be instructed to pay a $250 deposit that will act as payment toward your first class(es). We will not be able to finalize setting up your new student account until the deposit is paid. You will be granted the opportunity to pay the deposit electronically through our PayPal service provider upon accepting the offer of admission, or you may send the deposit via mail to the address listed above.**

*Those who went to schools under a previous last name, please make sure to provide your Former Last Name in the application so that we can identify your transcripts. Thank you!

**Prospective students of the Teaching Credential, Online program, or Seminary programs should consult those departments for application requirements and procedures.

Former or Current TMS Students: Your application will be shorter than what is prescribed above. Please designate that you are a Former/Current TMS Student at the beginning of the application. This will prompt the system to reduce your application requirements automatically. In the application, you will NOT be prompted to provide us a writing sample, pastor/elder reference, personal reference, or TOEFL (for those in which English is not their first language). For your transcripts, we have your TMS record already, so you will not need to request that from the Seminary. However, we will need you to request for copies of your other school transcripts from the TMS secretary (Jennifer Baughman). Please email Jennifer at and request from her copies of your transcripts to be sent to Box #50, the Graduate Studies Office at The Master’s University.

Re-Admit Students: Your application process will be shorter than what is prescribed above. Please designate that you are a Re-Admit Student at the beginning of the application. This will prompt the system to reduce your application requirements automatically. In the application, you will NOT be prompted to provide us a writing sample, educator reference, personal reference, or TOEFL (for those in which English is not their first language). Also, the short answers in the application will be uniquely fitted for you. For your transcripts, please send us only official transcripts of any schools you have attended since the last time you were enrolled as a student in our Graduate Studies programs.

    Domestic     International  
    Spring Term -  November 1 (of previous year)  July 15 (of previous year)
    Summer Term -  March 1 December 15
Fall Term -  July 1 April 15

Applications may be submitted after the deadline, but we cannot guarantee that they will be given equal consideration with those submitted on time. It is preferred that residential-local students begin studies in a fall term. Because the intensive-modular courses form both the foundation and anchor for the entire distance student’s experience, we highly recommend distance students to start the program in a summer term. A distant student may begin in the fall or spring semesters but the he/she must realize that he/she will necessarily need to take classes out of the prescribed order (see what we prescribe here) and thus be initially limited as to which courses he/she may take in the first couple of semesters. Moreover, students should be aware that some classes will assume the student’s familiarity of previous content from courses that would normally be taken in the prescribed order. In this way, all students will be held to the same academic standards whether he/she is taking the classes in the prescribed order or not. The Graduate Studies Office will help students minimize any potential problems that may result from taking classes out of the preferred order, but it is important that the student is aware of these potential challenges.

Transfer Credits

Credits from other institutions are generally not accepted for transfer due to the unique content and nature of our programs. However, some courses from other theological institutions may transfer with minimal additional coursework. Eligibility for transfer credits is only determined through the transcript review step of the application process.

International Students

The Master’s University is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. Students from abroad are welcome, provided they meet the admission requirements of the University. For applicants, for whom English is a second language, a minimum score of 100 is required on the TOEFL exam in order to be considered for admission. While all classroom instruction is conducted in English, the administration, faculty and staff attempt to be sensitive to the needs of our international students. As foreign students’ legal needs are different from those of U.S. citizens, there are additional requirements. Foreign students are urged to contact the Office of International Student Advancement to obtain the appropriate information.

Contact Information:

The Master’s University

Office of Graduate Studies, Box #50

21726 Placerita Canyon Road

Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Jay Street

Graduate Studies Admissions Coordinator

P: 661.362.2652; 800.568.6248 x2652

F: 661.362.2712

The Master’s University Online offers several different options for all levels of academia. For instructions specific to the program for which you are applying, please visit the appropriate link below.

Undergraduate & Dual Enrollment Admission Requirements

  • Faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior

  • High School graduate, GED, or California High School Proficiency Exam

  • Dual Enrollment Students need to have completed their sophomore year of high school

Undergraduate & Dual Enrollment Application Process

  • Application completed online which will include:

    • Your information, education, personal testimony, and a writing sample
  • Pastor Recommendation

  • Official High School and College Transcripts (only if college level classes have been taken). Please send directly to our office at:

Online Office of Admissions

21726 Placerita Canyon Road

Santa Clarita, CA 91321

  • Application Fee of $35

Graduate Admission Requirements

  • Faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited Institution

Graduate Admission Requirements

  • Application completed online which will include:

    • Your information, education, and personal testimony
  • 5-10 page research pager complete in your undergraduate programs

  • FOR MA - Biblical Studies Only:

    • Complete 18 semester units of undergraduate coursework that includes 6 units of New Testament, 6 units of Old Testament, and 6 units of Christian Theology OR,

    • Complete a three-part comprehensive entrance examination in the areas mentioned above to certify a level of theological knowledge necessary for graduate study

    • You may also complete the required 18 units through TMU online’s general education courses

  • Pastor Recommendation

  • Official College transcripts

  • Application Fee of $35

Semester, Session Dates, and Application Deadlines

The priority application deadline is always one week prior to the start of a session.

Priority is given to prospective students who turn in all application materials by the application deadline.

We will work diligently with all late applicants, but cannot guarantee admission into the next session.

High School juniors and seniors can get a jump start on their college degree and achieve dual credit through our online courses. Students earn fully accredited units, taught from a Biblical worldview which are transferable to most colleges.

Save Money!

You can earn college credits at a discounted rate ($150/unit), while enrolled in The Master’s University Online program.

Save Time!

  • Earn both high school and college units simultaneously
  • Take classes anytime and anywhere
  • Finish classes at an accelerated pace


The tuition cost for this program is $150 per unit

Admission Requirements

  1. Statement of faith in Jesus Christ
  2. Must have completed their sophomore year of high school
  3. Ability to study and write at the collegiate level
  4. Submission of application materials
  5. Be of ages 15-19

Admission Process

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Online Learning.
  2. Recommendation of Pastor:
    The applicant must attend an evangelical church or fellowship and provide a recommendation from one of the pastors or church leaders.
  3. Submit an Official Transcript from your high school. Please make sure that the school has the correct address with The Master's University Online box number 33
  4. Complete the Dual Enrollment form.
  5. Pay the $35 application fee. This can be paid through the mail by check, or by phone by calling the Administrative Office.